Premier League 2018/19




that’s a pay off of a couple hundred million quid right there buddy


That’s a big positive, no draws. We’ve tended to draw too many. Draws are not much better than defeats and real momentum killers. We’ve lost the same number as Man U, but they’ve drawn 5 which translates into a 10 point gap.


Lot’s of wins by a single margin as well. Getting it done.

I hadn’t really entered Spurs in my calculations until they made shit of Chelsea recently.

Sissoko looks like a new signing in the midfield role. He was immense against City and Chelsea.


Just watched the Special One being interviewed pre the Fulham game. He’s all over the shop, hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.


Why do they consistently fail to win competitions so?

They bottled a title against Leicester City a few seasons back, bottled one against Chelsea the following season, bottled two FA Cup semi-finals in successive seasons against Chelsea and Man Utd.

That to me is a team who shits its togs when it comes to the final stretch.


Utd 1 up. Jose will park the bus now.


This aged well


I forgot they were playing the bottom club. Then again


Rashford prick-acting there.


Great to see Andy Carroll back, West Ham have gotten their act together, Anderson is a lovely player, pity they started so poorly


The arse 1 up


Chicorito (spelling) got the 2nd. Big Chris had a meltdown!


I’ve been for a run and an a sea swim and tidied around the house. I’m about to have lunch and relax and watch two hours solid of premier league coverage of Chelsea and Man City. Admitting to watching EPL seems to now be an admission of guilt and having no life around here. It’s very strange, I’d often enjoy watching a full game. I’ll also be supporting City which is seen as being pro murderous regimes by another poster.


You could just be thick instead in fairness


That makes no sense.


Why are you supporting a club used as a propaganda tool for a murderous regime if you’re not pro murderous regimes?

I give people who have always supported Man City a pass on this


I enjoy their style of play and watching them play. I don’t see them as a propoganda tool. Any views I have on the middle east are not changed by enjoying a game of football. You can eventually make a link of every commercial enterprise or quoted companies to something unsavoury. You sound more unhinged tham Mwan Eckenna when you’re on your soapbox with this.


The last few times I’ve tried to watch a game of epl, I’ve got bored and turned over within 15 mins.


As I was saying, you’re clearly just thick instead, which is fine