Premier League 2021-2022 (the Footix thread)

Can anyone stop the Champions?

Amnesty International

Financial Fair Play rules

Big Brother Lol GIF by MOODMAN


BK8’s instagram will gain a few followers anyway.

We’ll take money from gambling companies involved in all sorts of illegal shenanigan’s, money laundering etc, but we draw the line at gambling companies who have their logo on good looking birds. There are some moral lines you just cannot cross

Seems like Sigurdsson might have done an Adam Johnson on it.

Innocent until proven Gylfi, as TFK AFC record scorer @Monkey_Allen put it.


A lovely little welcome back to Liverpool present for Rafa

This is his mrs. Where’d he be going


Mother of god.

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What a load of noncesense.

Is Lee Griffiths in the clear now?

Seemingly so.

I see Everton have appointed Duncan Ferguson to head up the internal interrogation.


Jesus Christ.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just goes to show, you’d get sick of anything after long enough.

She’ll be good looking and have all of his money shortly. If she’d be interested in having a few juliossons I’d be more than happy to sign into the man of leisure thread

Why have steak at home when you can have a McDonald’s kiddies meal elsewhere?