Premier League 2023/2024, why do irish people follow this farmers league

Now that this seasons title is wrapped up by Manchester City, its time to start casting an eye towards 2023/2024. Who can stop the Champions (aside from UEFA perhaps).

The SuperLeague isnt far off.

That first line is beautiful

European champions Manchester City are away to Vincent Kompany’s Burnley in the first game of the new Premier League season.

Fixture and tv details of weekend one:


Four games at 3pm on Saturday . Awful vista

Full list here.

Take a rest for a few months lads

We go again.

I think most people largely took a rest from the Premier League over the last few months as the season petered out in rather boring fashion.

Arsenal were done after the 2-2 draw at Anfield, there was no scrap for Champions League places, the great relegation dogfight turned into a couple of cats hissing at each other and then walking away.

What the hell is TNT Sports?

are people still into this shit?
i know men-children like @tazdedub @croppy_boy but are normal adults still into this?

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New name for BT

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Their lives have been ruined by Pep

Needy post.

Is Paddy Footix all fired up and ready for the resumption of our domestic league this weekend?

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Seriously good manager. Belongs at Man U or Liverpool

That kit is fucking sublime

Numbers on the back of the shirts seem to be a bit bigger, different font too.

He has to go

He had to go alright