Premier League 2023/2024, why do irish people follow this farmers league

It reminded me of Bert Trautmann

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Out of the euros now too.

I said it before, another magnificent signing. Great value for just 34M.

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Copa America? He would’ve been sitting on the bench anyway I assume. I presume Tite’s successor also prefers Alisson.

Jose Mourinho: :speaking_head: “The only club in my career where I still don’t have a connection with is Tottenham. Every other club a connection, apart from Mr Levy’s club.”

Antonio Conte :speaking_head: “This is the first time in my career where I’ve seen a situation like this. They’re used to this here, to not play for something important. Tottenham’s story is this, over 20 years.”

Ange Postecoglou :speaking_head: “The foundations are really fragile. The last 48 hours have shown me that. It’s inside the club, outside the club. Outside, inside, everywhere. It’s been an interesting exercise. It’s just my observations, mate.”

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Top manager gets mostly average verging on good players to play pragmatically - fans not happy

Top manager gets mostly average verging on good players to play attractive attacking football and is occasionally caught out - fans not happy

They need better players. Spurs have overachieved really without Kane - notwithstanding how good Van Der Ven and Maddison have been

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There’s 7 big wealthy traditional clubs now in the premier league and united finished 8th.

I can’t disagree with that

Manchester United finished 5th in that coterie, above Everton and Nottingham Forest.

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There we go - solid season and some quality yoof and young players blooded

It’s really 5th of 8 in that coterie as Leeds are stuck in the mire of the Championship play-offs.

Leeds going well tonight, bust the dam

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Leicester & 1 of Leeds/Southampton will be promoted to the Premier League. This will save Premier League £103m in parachute payments to 2 of those Clubs. That £103m will be split between Premier League Clubs after a vote by Premier League Clubs.

Jerry Seinfeld Lol GIF

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Bert Trautmann played on though with a broken neck.

The FOTY gets City off the mark :clap:

Bernardo with the assist. He’s a great bit of stuff

He’s been a great bit of stuff for a long time now.

Congrats mate, blue moon. :blue_heart:

I’m delighted to see a Manchester franchise win the league.

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Phil with a second. What a kid :heart_eyes:

He’s one of our own

West Ham and Arsenal score!

It’s all up for grabs still…