Premier League 2023/2024

The 12:30 kickoff is, as usual, shite

The Emptyhad is even more sparse than usual today. Empty seats all over the ground.

They could win the next 20 leagues and nobody would be bothered.


Highest revenues in world football apparently…!

Let’s see if the PL hold their nerve and punish their industrial scale financial cheating.

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Champions League Sport GIF by UEFA

Phil Foden’s haircut should constitute a further FFP charge for Citeh

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Everton are always a tricky prospect for City, they look like they’re gonna do Liverpool a twist here. I wouldn’t begrudge them it either

Seamie Coleman is a gem

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Everton have an utterly pathetic record against Abu Dhabi. Brucie Bonus stuff.

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Abomination of a jersey just turned it on.

Haaland is a beast

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The kop will suck 2 in

Great to see Alfie’s lad back banging in goals. Champions find a way

Nunez Nunez Nunez

You’re guaranteed two but there may be more

Brennan Johnson has sucker punched Brighton

Some kick in the nuts for Luton today losing at home to Sheffield

Big win for Brentford away from home too.

West Ham are being humiliated here and that’s the ultimate humiliation there now

Arsenal are the man united footi favourite team now after man city

Conor Gallagher driving up his sale value here. Chelsea could give a few more useless fuckers 8 year contracts on the back of his sale

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I can smell an upset in the early kick off

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