Premier League 2023/2024

Not sure on that

I never believed Findlay when he said he was so involved tbh.

A right shaper

I’d put nothing past Findlay, but half his stories are surely completely made up.

I want to believe them all though.

I never warmed to him. I’m sure he done some stuff for bloom but I’d say he’s liberal with the truth on it.

Mad two lads from the one company ended up owning premier league teams.

Henry didn’t think that hashtag through

@BruidheanChaorthainn he’s only gone and done it again!

Goal of the season wrapped up

What’s this?

A striker for the team top of the table has scored against the team that are marooned at the bottom of the table, at home. It’s incredible

God bless Onana

I’m in transit

Darwin Nunez did a goal against Sheffield United

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Liverpool could be playing a team with a new manager bounce the weekend if we’re not careful here

The Man U fan making the wanker gesture and stopping mid wank rotation when he saw Onana go the wrong way was mighty stuff

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Main thing tonight is no injuries. Beat the murders and lose to arsenal.

Then win the fa cup.

Bring back the green jerseys

Maguire the only lad trying to stop Palmer here. Players are gutless.

Lads did any of ye see Casemiro running there.