Premier League Darts 2014 - Official Thread

Back to the caravan for fatso to commit sexual offences

Lewis blowing Whitlock away here, 6-0 :eek:

Not unusual for Taylor’s weight to fluctuate like this, he will blame his lack of form on losing the weight. I predict fat bastard Taylor to return by week 4.

He looked seriously rattled tonight. He’s more than met his match, he had no answer to MVG. I think he’s finished. It’s incredible that he has been able to stay on top for so long, but even the great ones must finally end. And there has been no greater than Phil Taylor.

Might be one last kick in Taylor yet, would never write him off. On a bad night he’ll still beat most players. MVG looks like dominating for years and seems fairly level headed.

The pride of Irish manhood in the 02 tonight and outrageous scenes in the Wright van Gerwen match.

What were these outrageous scenes?

So terrible i can’t believe it happened.

Wright who was resplendent in a green white and orange hairdo played an exhibition shot on a 161 checkout and van Gerwen was offended by this insult to the integrity of the sport. Words were exchanged and Wright said that he would smash van Gerwen the next time they meet.

Turgid stuff here between Taylor and van Barneveld.

van Barneveld beats Taylor on TV for the first time in six years.

Barney :clap:

Great stuff from Barney there. :clap:

Got the monkey off his back by beating the sex offender in the semi final.

Superb from Barney, telling interview with him after the Taylor game. He is at peace with himself and has his mojo back, a great night for darts!!