Premier League Darts 2014 - Official Thread

The action is underway in Liverpool with Dave Chisnall beating Robert Thornton 7-5 in the opener. Stephen Bunting is in attendance in the huge crowd to sample the atmosphere of big time darts and see the big boys up close. Tonight’s headline game is the clash between the worlds top 2 players MVG V Taylor. Here’s the line up for this years extravaganza …

Week 1 - Feb 6, Liverpool: Chisnall v Thornton, Wright v Newton, van Barneveld v Anderson, Taylor v van Gerwen, Whitlock v Lewis.

Week 2 - Feb 13, Bournemouth: Newton v van Barneveld, Chisnall v Wright, Anderson v Whitlock, Lewis v Taylor, Thornton v Michael van Gerwen.

Week 3 - Feb 20, Belfast: Thornton v Anderson, Chisnall v van Gerwen, Wright v Taylor, Newton v Lewis, van Barneveld v Whitlock.

Week 4 - Feb 27, Glasgow: Wright v Lewis, Thornton v Newton, Whitlock v Taylor, van Gerwen v van Barneveld, Chisnall v Anderson.

Week 5 - March 6, Exeter: Wright v Thornton, van Barneveld v Chisnall, Lewis v van Gerwen, Taylor v Anderson, Newton v Whitlock.

Week 6 - March 13, Nottingham: Whitlock v Wright, Lewis v Anderson, van Gerwen v Newton, van Barneveld v Thornton, Taylor v Chisnall.

Week 7 - March 20, Leeds: Chisnall v Whitlock, Thornton v Lewis, Anderson v van Gerwen, Newton v Taylor, Wright v van Barneveld.

Week 8 - March 27, Dublin: Anderson v Newton, Whitlock v Thornton, Lewis v Chisnall, van Gerwen v Wright, Taylor v van Barneveld.

Week 9 - April 3, Cardiff: Lewis v van Barneveld, Taylor v Thornton, Newton v Chisnall, Anderson v Wright, van Gerwen v Whitlock.

A feast of world class darts ahead! With a cracking line up for the Dublin leg:clap:

Great to see Barney back at his best…:clap:

Averaging 113.

Anderson averaging over 10o and losing 7-2, what a performance from Barney:clap:

Anybody remember Barry Hearn’s response when the BDO rejects started thrashing “world number one” Colin “Jaws” Lloyd?

“We’re going to need a bigger board.”

[quote=“Sidney, post: 899488, member: 183”]Anybody remember Barry Hearn’s response when the BDO rejects started thrashing “world number one” Colin “Jaws” Lloyd?

“We’re going to need a bigger board.”[/quote]

Nobody remembers that. The beds are bigger on the BDO boards, so stop boring us with your shite.

It must make you sick watching top quality Premier League darts while the fat veterans toil on Eurosport. The gulf between the two organisations is a chasm now.


Come on t f**k Taylor…waiting on him for a treble.

I’ve had a punt on MVG at 11/8. Should be a cracker, Taylor has been making all the right noises before the match and he will have no excuses if he loses, he’s up for this.

Both players on the oche, here we go!!!

MVG takes out a 121 to go 2-0 up, Taylor playing with new darts and looking rusty.


MVG averaging over 112, 100% on the checkouts and 5-0 up on Taylor. Simply stunning, we are seeing the changing of the guard now.

6-0. Relentless.

This is what happens when you wheel out a fat, sweaty hun cunt, who hasn’t won a world championship in years, to play on TV.

Embarrassing stuff.


Taylor whitewashed. Unbelievable.



It will be many, many years before we see MVG 11/8 in a game again. The man is head and shoulders above everyone else in the world.

Sensational from Matt Lucas there. It’s like when Sampras retired and Federer arrived on the scene to destroy all before him.

Taylor has plenty to ponder as he slinks back to his motor home tonight.

Taylor looks awful like a man with cancer he has lost buckets of weight since the Worlds.