Pretend World War II Thread

Does this make him a holocaust denier?

We shall fight them on the beaches, or at least claim we did.

We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in our heads

America is rife with these eejits who wear military garb just to get handshakes and god bless you’s from citizens over there. Load of videos exposing them as shams on youtube. Freakin weirdos.

it would remind you of pretend ira fellas


i like this guy :slight_smile:

Was watching a documentary there. Its amazing all the German bombers, so precise on their targets and not one Palace hit in the war. Buckingham Palace, not an attempt. Makes you wonder who the Germans and the brits really are.

Maybe they didn’t fancy bombing their fellow countrywoman.

They didn’t hit a single aldi or lidl!

For the man city fans ; top top bantz


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Drove through a lot of the south, east and midlands of England this week. There wasn’t a defendable piece of countryside in the whole place. If the Luftwaffe had established superiority in the air to allow for an invasion the cunts would have been in Manchester in a week. It was true for Churchill never did so many owe so much to so few.

The Gerrys did not really intend to invade. Far too focused on the east.

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Watched something on that recently. The aerial battles were mental. Just zipping around the sky trying to blindside the enemy and then try to take him down by rattling an auld machine gun at him.

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I’d say Adolf took a look at Luton, and thought fuck that, I’d prefer Eastern Poland

I’d say we must be very close to world war 3 at the moment? The tensions are unreal around the place.

Ah it’ll settle down once the national leagues start in the new year

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