Prince Andrew & Philip & Mountbatten & the other deviants

Due to have an accident soon?

  • Fuck yes
  • Fuck no
  • Who’s that lying by the seaside

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This BBC2 interview isn’t going very well for Andy


The union is crashing down. The monarchy is coming fast behind it. This is incredible tv.

I’m surprised he agreed to do the interview.

Does he know he’s on tv?

Doesn’t @GeoffreyBoycott support the monarchy, the nonce hiding cunts?

No you’re mistaking him with @ChairmanDan

Gas cunts

This is one of the seminal moments in the british monarchy

The United Noncedom.

He didn’t lick it off a stone.

To be fair, Andy is a bit of an underling in the Royal Family, it’s not like he’s the US President or anything

8th in line to the throne.


Andrew was at home with the children.

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Whose tho?


I didn’t know so many people cared about some no-mark royal

I’m only tuning in to any info to see if it reveals another layer to Epstein’s sordid world.

Who is Prince Andrew?

Epstein was all about removing layers

I think he’s a racehorse

Good stayer apparently

Was owned by Fergie but was the subject of an acrimonious divorce

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