Prince Harry to marry Galway woman - Royal Wedding

Changing times when the news that the future King is to marry a commoner gets such a positive reaction.

I thought William was already married? Did he divorce Jada?

The commoner is a mighty fine bit of stuff.

Do you reckon you could have had her if you’d made a move first?

Like you and Clarkey’s new girlfriend?

Prince William of where ??



Mrs Wallis Simpson a worrying precedent for a King marrying a commoner.


Kate Middleton - yes.

Clarkey’s bird - no.

Get a load of this shit on Sky News.

‘Kate is only wealthy middle class’.

Max Clifford giving his tuppence worth as well.

And the Brits wonder why they are hated.

RTE had this as their third main story as well. Who gives a fuck?

Farmer, this country is full of West Brits who would have alot of interest in this story.

An accurate and succinct observation. Money can’t buy you out of commoner status.

Kate: ‘I was very shy when I first met William’.

By the way, Sky News is on in front of me in the pub while I’m waiting for food. Kate is nice to look at.

Cant wait for this… was only a baby when Charles and Di got married. In fairness these Islands could do with a happy/ celebratory occasion

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William: The Queen was anxious to meet Kate and they got on well

He proposed using Dianas engagement ring.

Cheap fucker.

Yes despite my misgivings about her lineage, it’ll be a great occasion when it comes around. Nothing quite like a royal wedding.

Congratulations to KIB Man, Manusboyle and other servants of the crown. A glorious occasion for all of you.

Could be a car crash of a marriage. Will the honeymoon be in Paris?