Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Hewit and the harlots son marrying an American divorcee

How the Brits have fallen


And a Catholic.






Her Majesty possibly has mixed views on it all. Like most things during her long reign, she’s seen it all before, in this case the antics of King Edward VIII. On the one hand Edward disgraced the family but on the other hand he did free up the path for her to assume the role that she has filled with such distinction for these past 65 years.


How can Meghan Markle get a residence visa to the UK when she’s not an EEA national and her spouse-to-be is not in full-time employment?


It’s irrelevant to you Micks.


Mike Ross found a loophole


Meghan Markle, she’s in the RA


Happy and glorious


Why don’t you tweet and ask him?


Have you made the guest list @Tassotti?


My word.


I am genuinely gobsmacked that there is a market for this, fucking hell :smile:


Wait until he knocks her up. It’ll be like the fucking Trueman show


Really? The royal wedding viewing figures will match those of the rugby internationals and be a similar demographic.


Is the royal wedding being shown on an Irish station?

Edit, didn’t realize you were slagging rogbee



This would be a proud moment for all the NOGRA guys.


We know mate, @gaillimhmick posted about it 23 hours ago.