Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Who’s the second from left guy? With the féasóg?


Colin Regan, former Leitrim intercounty footballer and current GAA Health and Wellbeing Officer, or some title like that.


She is a propa Stunna


They are going to the IFSC I believe, the pretend IRA crew have taken their positions.


Treated to the Joe Show


She shouldnt be allowed unto the pitch with those heels, the horrible cunt.


Will there be an uptake of English visitors to his chipper?


I wonder did he put it over.


You know he did mate


This people are all tapped :rofl:

@myboyblue putting on a Belfast accent at the start :rofl:


I was lifted for breakin a window


Did Megan throw the ball to joe ?? @carryharry


To be fair she has some figure .


Some collection of loons there. :smile:

That lad first in the Eire top will get a frosty reception when he returns to The Falls Road tonight.


A handful of godhelpuses and a poor little kid.


“I hope to get to shake his hand, or wank him off”
“I’m a massive FAN”. For fucks sake.
Think that nordie guy was on radio last week. Sounds like he’s the type who’d like royalty and tiaras if you’re with me.
You’d leave the kid off. They don’t know much better.


The rugby crowd love the Royals


Twee alert.


The Windsors Love their little trips to southern Oireland.


There is much made of them here ok .