Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


Will TFK be sending a representative to the Wedding? Foleys wetting himself I’d say


I hear that Shannonsider’s invite is in the post.


Good move though, it will keep the underclasses minds off all the cuts that will be made in the UK next year.


So has Kate slipped her finger into Diana’s carefully maintained ring?


yes dont forget larryduff, fermanagh dave and the green brigade.

cracker of a bird too. Mate of mine went to college with him in scotland said he was pretty sound and that he rode all around him.

Can never understand the support for the monarchy - big deal here too.


Nt to mention adding a few pound to the exchequer


Sir Tony has toed the royal line with his coverage of this today it seems. I am hearing a total of 7 pages?


“Would you like to marry me ?
And if you like you can buy the ring
She doesn’t care about anything”


Metro edition had 6 pages on the tragedies in Cork and Limerick and 6 on the engagement.




This thread is dragging you down Flan…


Just responding to MBB’s exaggerated claim of the Irish Independent’s coverage of the happy event


Are you fucking serious? For fuck’s sake (I’m too aggrieved to use the abbreviation). That’s a fucking disgrace. Anyone who I see reading that paper again is getting a slap from me.


That’s a hell of a statement Rocko.
It’ll take you hours to get to work if you have to stop and hit everyone reading the Metro a slap.


Metro edition of the Irish Independent Runt


The free paper like?


Until the Irish Times bring out a metro edition that I can read in comfort on the bus to work, I will continue to purchase the Indo.

And you won’t be slapping me Rocko, I’ll tell you that for nothing






Sure he only goes to ‘meetings’ anyway.