Prince Harry to marry Galway woman


do you reckon it was Harry?


I’d prefer not to speculate.


True, we never speculate on TFK.


Is that so? :strokechin:


When did Dunph move from France to perfidious Albion?
Hmmm… :strokechin:


[quote=“fistoffury, post: 534525”]

Is that so? [/quote]

Of course. That’s how they fool the masses.



Harry is now bumped down the line to 4th in line for throne.


Unless he goes on some kind of a massacre in the Palace like that guy in Tonga (I think it was anyway) and bumps off the other three some time in the next few months.


I believe some Aussie DJs rang up the hospital pretending to be Prince Philip and the Queen and found out Kate’s condition when a gullible nurse believed them.

I’m also told the nurse has now committed suicide… :o

Maybe this should be in the TFK Exclusives thread?


What is your source on this please?


My source is a guy from Clare, now living in central London.


That’s a 100% reliable source. I believe him, and you.


Correct, to be an exclusive you have to beat every other media source so have to go out on a limb with these things. I have taken a chance on Anthony coming up trumps.


I’d flog this to TV3 as quick as possible.


Sadly this is now being carried on mainstream media…


Australia’s shame!


Superb TFK exclusive SHANNONSIDER.


I was hoping it wasn’t true. Thanks for having faith in Anthony and me though.


Murder charges should now be pressed against the offending DJs, I feel.