Proposals to change GAA league and championship format

What does everyone make of the proposed changes to the NFL and NHL?

A reduction in the number of football games, a round less in the qualifiers, the league semi-finals and maybe even the final to be scrapped and Wexford to be in Division 3 in the 4 division league (wtf!).

In hurling they are changing the league to 9, 8, 8 and 7 teams per division. Looks like they?re just trying to balance it out by keeping the top 9 in Division 1 ? Dublin are very unhappy with this. I can?t fathom wtf they?re doing with the championships in hurling to be honest. Doesn?t seem all that appealing to me.

I was reading a bit about these changes this morning and can’t say I’m too impressed with the following parts:

[]Don’t really understand the new groups for the hurling championship
]Creating the top hurling division based on the current 9 based teams is silly. Create a competition structure that works and let Dublin or Antrim or whoever improve within those structures. They’ve a league of 9 which will work fine for 1 season, then the next season there will be 8 plus Dublin in the top division and Offaly or someone killing everyone else in division 2 and they’ll think about changing it again
[*]In the football I don’t understand the point in doing away with the qualifiers for the low-ranked teams. They’re trying to save themselves a round of matches but presumably that will backfire if one of the underdogs wins a game or two.