Prsi advice

I’m setting up a small business at home with my best pal. If I wanted to pay prsi contributions sufficient to get a state pension in 15or 20 years, how would I go about it does anyone know, or is it even possible?
If herself will move back to. Limerick this is irrelevant, if not it may be more so as I’d ideally like to pack in here anyway once the kids finish school, and work doing something at home.
I have a private pension in tanland already whether or not this is relevant
I’ve payed loads and loads of tax in Ireland, but not much prsi.

He’s coming home hes coming home flattys coming home (but maybe not til the kids finish school)

You can do it alright. You have a 60 month window to pay it once you start, it used to be 12 months but it was changed last year to make it easier.

So you want to leach off the state when you retire?


Class S?

Theres plenty of civil servants on here posting day and night,some of them will surely see you right.

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All types.