Publicans are the new farmers

Publicans have morphed into the new farmers

Beal bocht constantly being spouted out
Despite ripping off the working man forever
And now getting extended opening hours and after the government granting them throughout covid etc they’re still crying FFS

Not necessarily talking about the small local village pub but the cunts owning 10 or more pubs in Cork city and elsewhere




You mean @Lazarus ?

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So you’re talking about 5 or 6 people in the country.

This thread is in very poor taste and downright disrespectful.

Commiserations to @Lazarus when he wakes up at 2pm


good thread but the main focus should be on the free loading planet killing farmers

WTF? It’s the Unionists that won’t form a government…get a grip.

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Theres 4
in Cork city alone
So get your house in order

Unionists will be forced eventuality to conform
Dinos / Neanderthals are dying off -
Young Protestants continue the brain drain
Eventually they’ll cop on or die off