Puke the self styled football expert

odd that puke the self styled football expert on here is so out of touch with football he doesnt even realise there is a game on right now in the EL

Teams forced to play the match by UEFA , even though both teams wanted it canceled because of the extreme cold.
UEFA’s own rules state a game should be called off when it’s colder than -15 for the health & safety of the players.
Matched was moved to the astro of the Luzhniki in Moscow and to an afternoon ko but it was still -22 at time of ko.

Twente playing under serious protest now.

Total of 120 tickets sold for it.
Nil all at half time , both teams not really having a go and more interested in keeping as warm as possible.

Puke has someone rattled it seems :unsure:

havent seen the original post, but i have no doubt that puke is correct and i fully support his stance

Give the Dutch right wing nazi’s & TASE’s support of Geert Wilders in recent times I hope both freeze to death…

Also your pro-berlosconi jingoistic nonsense has become quite tiring…fuck you and fuck rome

Hi Puke,
any chance you would like to comment on the Milan / spurs game mate?
you seemed to have some very strong opinions on it before tuesday night, but the cat appears to have got your tongue now,
hope everything is all right your end


I already spoke about it in the relevant thread

like your deafening silence on your beloved FF your deafening silence on the champions league thread shows to us all what a yellow quisling you truely are


I shall not be voting in the upcoming election so it would be wrong of me to give my opinions on it when I won’t be taking part in the democratic process…