:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I see your cleaning house on another forum.

Indeed, but that crowd are clanish, no doubt they will try and shout me down

Wheres this?

Oh they will. The β€˜experts’ dont like people who deviate from the norm


Fuck all happens on that place for all their talk

Any spare logins going for that site? I’m looking at you Tipptops.

yerrah there are a few decent posters/threads over there…an awful lot of fucktards too, especially when it comes to either United and Liverpool

aiy, the puke is a internet legend sure!!

at least i was able to make my colleges fresher team :lol:

How has he been received noddy?

Has the appropriate respect been shown?

B) as i told you already puke, i didnt ever try out for the thing
anyway, hows the hurling going for clonlara??? heard youv been finding it hard to nail down a starting place on the team??


Here Puke, is DT still on there? If so, can you ask him to grace these pastures with his presence, I miss him I do.