Q What's the one thing TFK has been crying out for?

The current malaise endured by TFK is defined by the absence of The Dunph and Dancingbaby but their disappearance is not the cause of TFK’s high profile problems: rather it is a symptom of an underlying cancer that is eating away at this forum.

That cancer is of course the lack of a refresh in the look and feel of TFK for close to 4 months now. The flowers are in bloom, the trees have their leaves, QLD remains basking in sunshine, the horsey set are mostly all finished up for the season (the peasantry among them anyway), but the design that we all huddled around during the bleak winter months has grown stale and tired.

I’m delighted to announce that we have changed all that in what is certainly the most magnificent theme ever to grace TFK, and as Mac said at a TFK Mod Team meeting this week: “this is the style to bring the Dunph back to TFK.”

What’s so wonderful about this theme?

  1. It’s less white than the Greens or Greys offering.
  2. It’s as versatile as Paul Warhurst: it can be fixed width or fluid width.
  3. With one button click* the theme can be adorned with the logo of your favourite team.
  • not strictly one button click.

Frequently Anticipated Questions

Does this mean the end of the current theme?
Not yet.

Can you expand on that a little?
The new TFK theme will become the default look. However when the software is next upgraded, the current themes may not be upgraded too. It depends on just how overwhelmingly popular the new theme is.

How do I get to change the logo to Limerick (or whatever one’s team of choice)?
Click your name to access your dropdown menu. Choose the Preferences sub menu and then select your favourite team from the “Choose your favourite team” field.


Can I get a list of all the teams I can choose from?
No. The list does include every Irish county with the exception of Fingal, a brief selection of soccer clubs (which can be added to) and an equally brief selection of NFL franchises.

Will this style work on my mobile?
Use the App.
But yes it does actually. There may be one or two minor style issues there that can be overcome if anyone wants to post up their problems here.

Wow, this sounds very impressive who should I thank?
The concept was devised by Bandage[/USER] and [USER=1520]Faldo[/USER] over PMs. @Runt provided the IT expertise in coding, all the imagery was created by [USER=100]Pikeman and I was involved in a project steering role.

When are you changing people over?
Very soon.

I have some constructive criticism/praise, should I post it here?
Please do.

Why do you keep changing the fucking site?
The last change was a change to the software. That was a significant change. This is what I think looks like a better style and it has some more flexibility that we’re using to provide the two widths and to add the custom teams icons.

What else are you going to change?
Ah who knows. TFwiKi will probably be next on the list once Runt finishes coding up a more efficient way for Mac to read PMs.

You’re a mad cunt Rocko.

That is all.

I’m not seeing the choose your team tab in settings, bro.

Down with this sort of thing…

Minor problem - should be there now.

Better looking than the last effort which was a little wishy washy. This has more punch. Well done.

Rocko, remove this cunt’s ability to embed a video as his signature.

If fucked out continues to be allowed have a video as his signature then Dunph will never come back


Embedding video’s in ones signature is what has made this forum great.

Tremendous :clap:

I’m glad my harsh words offline have been taken on board (pun intended) without any fallout.

Fascist! :mad:

Visually, particularly the banners at the top, it reminds me of the Indo’s website.

The Roma Crest is showing up as Uniteds.

As in you select United and the Roma one shows up or the other way around?

I selected United and the Roma crest is displaying. I did select Roma as my fav team just to see if Uniteds crest appeared but alas it did not. Otherwise liking the new style.

Will fix that shortly Shan.

Where should I see the crest on the app or mobile version (via browser)? is there any plans to upgrade the apps? both apple and android preferably for the more affluent members like myself who have devices on both operating systems.

Good work uber nerds. :clap:

cant see the wexford crest rocko,