Question for the tv techies

Would anyone know if this old Sky box can be reused for free tv use? I still have the dish mounted but gave up the subscription a few years back.

Yes connect it up as was and you can get all the free channels assuming nothing has changed.

There’ also a way to get the UK free to air channels on it which you don’t get all of under Irish setup

We have a thread for this kind of stuff :rage:

You must miss

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Is it gone?

Yes you can. You won’t get any of the Irish channels on satellite though. Buy a uk sky card on eBay for about €1 and you will pick up all the free to air UK satellite channels. Get the Irish fta channels on Saorview with an aerial.

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Thanks lads. I’ve reconnected it and have a good few channels on it (mostly shite) but BBC is working and some movies as well.

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:+1::+1:. Thanks for that.

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