Quick fire question

What’s the forum’s view on Cara Delevigne and her bushy eyebrows?


I’d be ok with them.

Computer says no

I’ll take a no please, Bob.

Any pic of her box briantinnion?

Once you see them you’ll never not be able to.

I like them, Amanda Peet has similar eye brows as well

Anyone who says they wouldn’t smash her back doors in because of her eyebrows is a liar.

Don’t be so crude.

The first picture she looks sexy. The second picture she looks like an alien. All told, I definitely would.

And there was me thinking Kev was the only one here who pulled models.
Unlike some of the lads here, I have ridiculously low standards and so I would love the chance to disappoint this lady sexually.

Not a deal breaker for me, I must say.

Come on. You won’t win a Pulitzer for filth.

I was a bit taken aback when I saw her first a few months ago, found the eyebrows off putting but they’ve really grown on me. To the point that I find them to be quite alluring.

I’m also pleased on a personal level that my own bushy eyebrows can now be considered the height of fashion and I can confidently say no the next time my barber asks me if I want them trimmed.

Can we see her tits before we make a definitive judgement please?