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Should I go to my Christmas work party tomorrow?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes you should.

Will you get a ride? I need to know before I vote

I won’t be having sex, no.

I voted no mate.

As @The_Selfish_Giant always reminded me

“There is nothing to be gained by going to a work Christmas party. Absolutely nothing”.

Having said that, I first threw the gob on my future wife at a work party, but you’re asexual so not much for you to gain by going pal.


If you are asexual it’s a waste of time .

Where’s it on?

You should go so as you won’t make a fucking egit out of yourself

Every Christmas party needs knowledgeable discussion about Gaelic football in Ulster.


The Skeff, it’s a deparmental party as opposed to a broader company one.

Don’t go near it, waste of time.

Thanks guys.

I’ll take this on board and decide some time tomorrow.

The skeff?, fucking cheapskates. There’ll be plenty of teenage fanny on view to help you through whatever else

I’m not on the social committee, m8.

I was all for having it in Lonergans.

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Yes. Definitely. It’ll give us a few hours peace.


Yes you should.

Christmas Party sucked balls so I’m in Lonergans now.

Did you get a ride?

Is that the one in Salthill ??? Grand shop.

I did warn you mate. Hope you have an enjoyable night nonetheless