Racist FC Biggles swine

League of Ireland director Fran Gavin has warned that the Bohemians player or players facing allegations of racism arising from a match last weekend face a maximum five-match ban if found guilty.

Referee Derek Tomney included in his report of Saturday night’s draw between Sligo Rovers and Bohemians at the Showgrounds claims of on-field racist behaviour towards Romauld Boco, a Benin international for Paul Cook’s side.

In the same week that Gavin launched a poster campaign for the Show Racism the Red Card initiative, he vowed the allegations will be taken very seriously.

"The ref’s report goes into discipline. The clubs are asked to comment on it and that’s happened.

“We’re waiting for the clubs to come back to us; there will be a hearing and it will take its course from there,” he said.

Then fuckers are as bad as link walsh

Harmless hi jinx and japery.

Gavin should have kept his mouth shut until after the investigation, if there is going to be one.

The player in question, together with Fenlon, apologised after the game and the apology was accepted. Strange that the ref didn’t take any action at the time, instead waiting and then including the incident in his report. Although not really strange, refereeing inconsistency is taken for granted at this stage.

i was ready to lay into you/the player/fc biggles about racism,bigotry etc etc but as you put it down to the catch all high jinx i wont take it any further - we all know by now anything that comes under the term high jinx is grand

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