Random Images Thread


@cowpat’s home town


In Monasterevin one cold winters night, out of a council house window came a bag full of shite.


The Venice of Ireland





That’s nice, he’s had a rough time of it.


Lancashire Co football final today at a packed old bedians


Humpty Dumpty isn’t an egg. FAKE NEWS


Mmmm, 99% of the internet says Humpty Dumpty was an Egg, however I did find reference to it being a cannon. No flies on @Julio_Geordio.


Nowhere in the Nursery Rhyme does it mention Humpty Dumpty being an egg


Well if he’s not an egg or a cannon, then what is he?


some class of a yoke


He might be a cannon. He’s definitely not an egg.
Think about it, why the fuck would an egg be sitting on a wall and why would the Kings men and horses be trying to put an egg back together? Seems to be an awful waste of manpower


… and horsepower.


I’d imagine horses would only make the attempts to put an egg back together a lot worse.


Ah, you’re leaning towards the egg theory so? I was more into the cannon theory myself.


The Intern forgot to put in the Value before they sent the email :sweat_smile:


I was coming down Ringsend Road this evening and was met with this lovely image of a rainbow seemingly emerging from the wrap around balcony of a penthouse apartment overlooking the bus garage. It must be incredible to live in such an abode.


Are you the leprechaun at end end of the rainbow?