Random Images Thread


Them brazzers have it lucky


Just had a look at the online menu there and I can confirm there is definitely gold at the end of that rainbow, specifically Hungarian and Czechoslovakia gold.


I’d say the interns on the way out


Or on their way to a promotion, only for them id never have known about this fantastic offer


Herself is hedging her bets there with that road positioning, mate. I do the same at those lights (I’m usually driving, not the passenger like yourself there). Always some stupid fucker in front of you who is going down Barrow Street but hasn’t indicated so.


Good safe block of flats there, a fine sturdy fire escape. I suppose all the inner city flats are the same.



Ken is in a bad way.



Tis like waking up after a good night in Coppers in mid 00s


Michael Tea Higgins


Are you posting from 3 or 4 years ago?


It only reached RTE News today.


The country is fucked




This is what a 195 gigapixel camera can do.



Have to get me one of these


It’s a composite image


image https://www.rollingnews.ie/p/home90562025.jpg