Random Song Lyrics


Yeah me


Ok, no cap on streams. Go nuts.

Runt: Barbie Girl - Aqua


You're perfect yes it's true.
But without me you're only you.


this is a farce of a thread.


Wow, a one liner from WITJ.
Quick to criticise but you contribute nothing to this site.

Come up with something even a tiny bit creative.
Feel free to add a lyric.


Can I go again, cause I was sort of messing with my last one?


Go for it...


I dunno Runt, I think you'll have to check the rules first and see if it's allowed


you are listening too much to pukey. anyway, here is my lyric:

Sometimes on a Friday I'll stop by
and have a few drinks after she put her kids to bed


This is the one from my sig:

No one's gonna take me alive
The time has come to make things right


Look, a thread like this is interesting, but it should not be spoilt by complete adherance to rules. Fuck rules, this is rock n roll (man).

Not gone to bed yet, the lyrics I posted were from "One Crowded Hour" by the Australian band Augie March, from the album Moo you Bloody Choir. Which was a bit unfair as they would have been a bit out of the way for you lot.

I have had Common People in my head since I watched a doco on Britpop last week. Jarvis Cocker - genius.

So in the spirit of circumventing any rules, I give you more lyrics -

"He sold used office furniture out
there on San Fernando Road and
assumed a $30,000 loan at
15 1/4 % and put a down payment
on a little two bedroom place."

I reckon we should all feel free to just post lyrics we find interesting. If someone guesses them, platitudes to them. If no one does, who fucking cares.

Motor on kids.


Fairly sick stuff here:

If I could fuck a mountain
Lord I would fuck a mountain
And do it with a woman in the valley


"I can see her rising up out of the back seat now
like an angel rising out of a tomb"


Is it something to do with Jim Morrison? Certainly sounds like him


Bonnie Prince Billy?


The next best thing to violence is sex. And seeing as there's nearly 500,000 single women in London, I must be in with half a chance. Especially as I'd fuck anything that's breathing.


Are they lyrics or are you just informing us of that, Sledge?


Stop ruining the fucking thread sledge!


I was in two minds about how the thread would work.
In the end it figured itself out.
No rules, no games. Just random lyrics.
Rock and/or roll.


I thought we agreed there were no rules? So rather than lyrics I went with a film quote