Rangers FC to sponsor Cork GGA

Hard for the GGA to accept I guess


Rangers and Cork are a natural partnership :uk:

The fishmonger has already put in multiple pre-orders.

In a roundabout way it’s the FAI loan repayments which are making their way to Cork via Mike Ashley. Trickle down economics, Delaney style

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Nope.the huns are subsidising CorkGGA

Did @Perez2017 negotiate the deal?

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Supporters in Cork greet the news with delight


Ashley is a shrewd businessman, he’ll have factored in not paying that All-Ireland win bonus in the short term.


Crossmaglen ranger’s

Is Ashley finished with Rangers ??

Wow, Cork in 2011 was fairly backward

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Cork footballers seem to be in a bit of bother for engaging in military style training on Youghal beach.

They fuckin need it, that bollox Ronan manager should be shot, the way he calved against Tipp

More details please

You stupid cunt.


UVF paramilitary leading that there?? Ashley moves quick.

How are the rest of us supposed to compete with this?