Rank your top 10 Dublin bands

@Fagan_ODowd , I’d love to see yours by personal preference
(Dublin can be loosely applied)

Excluding U2. And Aslan because they are scutter.

And in no particular order.

Thin Lizzy
The Stars of Heaven
The Dubliners
My Bloody Valentine
The Harvest Ministers
The Radiators from Space
The Chieftains
The Horslips
The Blades
The Artane Boys Band


Whipping Boy


I’d have Missing Link in there, and The Pale just because of butterfly. Auto da Fe were ahead of the posse.

Also I’d have the fat lady sings in a top 10.

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A House

Power of Dreams


I knew Nicky well. So did Powery.

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We listen to them a lot.
We had them on at Christmas after dinner.

Is he still in advertising?

Definitely considered A House

Considered Auto da Fe and The Atrix and Gaye and Terry Woods.

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Ive no idea. I bought a CD player and rooted out a few from my collection which was in a trunk in the attic, stuff I wanted to listen to. The Fat Lady sings was one of them and we’ve listened to it a good bit (2 of their albums actually, but the one with arclight on it we really like)

Moving Hearts one of the greatest ever. Where would they be classed as being from?

Nice chap. His father was the Attorney General and author of the trademark book on Constitutional Law. Story goes that Nicky turned up for work in one of the Big Law firms with a feather earrings and that was the end of his law career


I think I read that he’s married to a lawyer. He cycles a lot.

Be Dublin as much as anywhere else I suppose. The “other” piper Declan Masterson played Gaelic Football with me. He was a better piper than a footballer in fairness. He was always worried about breaking a finger in case he’d miss a tour.


Absolutely brilliant band.

She’s a High Court judge now.

I saw them in Whelan’s couple months ago.

Drunkard logic a good song

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They were. I saw them multiple times in the 80s and then I saw their reunion in the NCH in the last few years.

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I’d have absolutely loved to have seen them live. Absolutely brilliant musicians.