Surprise sex

Statistically 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape

8 years for a reply and guess who it is.


It’s an entry from the old defunct wiki, odd now out on its own. An odd bump to say the least.

Christmas eve and @HBV is thinking about rape.

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He got confused.

Instead of “It was Christmas Eve Babe”

He got mistaken for

“It was Christmas Eve Rape.”

Disgusting attempt at humour from @myboyblue

Will you be driving home after a skinful tonight? Might catch mass on the way?

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Wasnt driving today, will get to mass tomorrow morning though.

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Lost the license eh? No harm.

Sweep sweep.

Freshers week gets off with a bang

Presume the head line writer posts on here?

I’d say Gemtrails twitter is quite a sight with this news breaking

Is it wrong for me to wish them harm inside? I’m trying to be a nicer person but it’s challenging