Ravenous part 3


It be great for @Tassotti to throw up the 1st dish but since he isn’t around stand up @dunph @labane @Smark, @turene @Portumna_Bridge


Paella night.


Looks savage. But this thread needs a good auld fry up (with beans) or some parnel grill fish, chip and battered sausage


I’m sure someone will post from Donkey Fordes later.


I missed a trick here, I’ve just had the best fry up of my life in Kelly’s kitchen in Newport, sausage, two pudding, rashers, perfectly cooked egg, amazing mushrooms, grilled tomato and boxty, served with soft homemade brown bread


I haven’t had a beer in a month and haven’t eaten since yesterday. I’ve a two inch steak from hannon meats and a long line of fine brews ahead of me. There’s no-one around to annoy me and I’m going to fire up a barbecue for one. It’s going to be very pleasant.


What do you think @labane1917 Sear him for a minute on each side then five minutes each on a low heat? I’ve a nice chunk of maple soaking for smoke.


Depends how you like it. 2 inch is fairly thick. I like mine rare to medium rare, my indoor method is sear for a minute a side then transfer to a 200C oven for 8-10 minutes, then rest under tinfoil for 5 minutes.
If I were cooking outside I would just cook them for 5 minutes a side and let them rest for 5 min.


God love him. I’ll make sure he didn’t die in vain anyway.


There was a year long running battle on here about @labane1917 's oven steak method. There was claims made about the ability of Irish ovens to breach the 250c barrier and all. Place was in meltdown over it.


German ovens.


Mine says 240 max. It’s new with a good door and it gets a Dutch oven sizzling. But it’s barbecue for this bad boy.


The place hasnt been the same without @tassotti


About done


Don’t forget to let it rest.


It barely escaped with its life. Magnificent


There’s a small but of meat left on that bone I think. Unless you’re saving it for the dog.


That looks like a crime scene


It’s been sacked and rifled


It should be illegal.