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I used to love to doing these at home with the kids when they were around 8-12. It’s just a camp gas can stove really. All the ingredients (incl hotpot mix just add oil/water to) at the table from.local.asia market and they just pop in what they want and do the ‘cooking for and serving’ all of us. They used love it.

Give us a rough recipe for one

Pal, it’s fuck all of a recipe is the thing.

You get the hotpot mixture in the store. And then just get what bits you want added. On the table there,

  • I had choi sum (any type of Chinese brocolli)
  • dumplings
  • rolled beef (looks shite but is fucking unreal in it)
  • enoki mushrooms

I forgot the Chinese cabbage which is.my favourite in it.

All can be bought at Asian store, prepped at home and away you go. kids think theyte Yan can cook

Happy Yan Can Cook GIF by KQED

This is what we normally have which might be a bit spicy for some: https://www.asiamarket.ie/little-sheep-hot-pot-soup-base-hot-235g.html

However, prior to working the kids up to spicy shit, I used to just:

  • 2 litre of chicken stock
  • thumb of minced ginger
  • spoon of minced garlic
  • good splash of Chinese cooking wine
  • cinnamon stick
  • star anise

Gives it a good Asian flavour while not being spicy at all. Bash whatever in then with side of noodles.


@LionelRitchie, the recipe for them green beans you mentioned, if you may.


This the one I’ve saved. Am sure there’s tonnes of them

Shaoxing cooking wine is the tits btw. It’s used in this but I use it in a.lot of Asian dishes. Even an auld quick 2 minute ramen. I start with splash if that with some ginger and garlic and boil for a minute or two before adding the packet ingredients.


My youngest brother spent a half decade in Beijing, and claims the M&L chef changed, and the quality has regressed as well as his gripe that they use calamari now for the spicy squid instead of actual squid…which I won’t pretend to be cultured enough to understand why that is a bad thing. I always thought calamari was like ‘better quality squid’.

I’d swear that the words calamari and squid are completely interchangeable in a food context :man_shrugging:

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Calamari is an Italian American invention to make squid sound more appetizing.


A close relative of Japanese shabu shabu, a favorite in our home. Beef cooked first then vegetables and mushrooms and finish with the noodles cooked in the broth. Spectacular.

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Double or treble the sichuan pepper amount

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Sunday night Ribeye :raised_hands:



Just the 6 onion rings

An absolute hape of grub. Am like a fattened pig. Let it settle with a couple of cans before few late pints locally. Happy days.


Did you make them ribs? They look fantastic.


I did.


Cooked a roast this evening. Eye of the round, got it in SuperValu. Haven’t cooked beef in years. Bought a Nevin roasting dish in Dunnes. Beef on the rack, few Spuds and Onions underneath. Removed the spuds during the roasting and made the gravy with a stock pot afterwards.
Carrots, glazed in honey, garlic, chilli flakes and soy, roasted separately.
Missus cooked Cheesy Potatoes.


I’d ate that