Ravenous part 3


Have just made some sugee cake with the wife. Looks entirely unremarkable but if we haven’t fucked it up it should be delicious. Top looks too pale unfortunately.



Do you think will you marry again?


Put it in for another ten minutes to develop the chewy crust on top. Worked out well but we didn’t do the egg white part correctly and its overly sweet. Will go great with tomorrow’s coffee.


Beautiful plate of roast dinner and dessert there, mate. Like something my own mother would put out.


Thanks mate. After a long day of travelling, it’s lovely when the mother has a roast ready with a variety of spud products and vegetables. I must admit I bought the apple crumble in the local centra, along with a nice Spanish red wine. I hadn’t been down home for dinner for two months and didn’t want to go in empty-handed.

We’re going out for dinner tomorrow, but I reckon there might be another big spread laid on before I hit the road tomorrow


Is there anything oven chips don’t go with?


Grand slab of Ribeye but ffs man, crinkle cut chips are fucking rank.


That’s a fucking steak.


Tuc in


Well done. Can you name the other items on the plate?


Can you shove your head up your hole?




What are russet potatoes good for? (besides eating)


Hurling to ducks


He wouldn’t be able.



Is Miggeldy joining you for the celebration?


No sign of the champagne.


That looks bleak. Did you ate the salad it was yesterdays I’d say.