Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


I just missed it. Changed over for “have I got news for you”. Victoria Coren was looking splendid.


Bak kut teh for lunch.


I hope you went for a long walk after that.


Two slices of spelt toast topped with beans grated cheddar and hot sauce with three sausages and a mug of tae. Smashing bit of lunch.



Steak with chimichurri sauce, Spanish prawns with garlic and paprika, and a medley of vegetables roasted in olive oil, garlic and herbs. Unbelievable tack.


Washed down with this. I was taught at a tender age that a good Cotes du Rhône Villages was the greatest value wine purchase one could make. Nothing has changed in the intervening years. This is absolutely sublime and at $16 an absolutely steal.


unreal, that meat is unreal



would you eat the leaves on the cauliflower?


No gravy?


Very dry, the spud looks unhealthy.


The meat is overcooked


The plate is like someone on acid designed it






How did you manage to boil the potato and keep the muck on it?


Don’t marry her.


If he wants to marry his mammy, let him off, its acceptable in large parts of Munster.


I’d always have a bit of afternoon tea down as a ghey enough activity bit i put my assumptions to one side and went for it.

A mug of coffee and a scone with a spoon of cream. Marvelous


What a plate