Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


The show must go on…

What had you for tea this evening @Tassotti?


Organic pork medalion with a medley of vegetables


Seared beautifully, I bet the carmelised flavour was unrale off those medallions.


You’d have to taste it to believe it


Jesus I’m gone mad on onion gravy lads


They look unrale, my good lady said you were a good cook by the look of the photo. I told her a few medallions wouldn’t go astray this week.

You go a tad mad with the onions, pal.




I know, bud.

Steer clear of the Tonight’s TV thread.


Christ the best thread on all of the internet is about to slip into oblivion. Fucking disgrace.
Cunt of a place. Well done @rocko you greedy greedy bastard.


Your good lady really knows her shit, it takes a shit hot cook to boil a load of vegetables and put a bit of pepper on them, then slap a bit of pork on the frying pan.

Still looks like a decent scran Tassotti


Finally, the oven chips thread is gone and this one can get a clean start.


I absolutely nailed a stir fry this evening. It was superb. Nearly as good as something you’d get in Aroi (under the old chef).

Chicken noodles, garlic, ginger, chilli, corriander stalks, cashew nuts, veg, soy, fish sauce and lime juice. Simple but unreal.


Have you ever tried adding stock to a stir fry, old bean? Really brings out the flavour of the other herbs and spices.


ah here, I have seen it all now, my housemate just came in there from the pub and he’s frying a bit of smoked salmon :joy:


Housemates are a curse…your better off paying the full whack for your own place mate when you can afford it.


You live with @The_Dunph :open_mouth:


Fuck sake. The Dunph baked it, not fried it.


Did the chef change? When did that happen? It’s still awesome.


Jeni and Eddie (the nice lady and the original chef) were only employees of the owners. There was dispute and they have parted ways. It’s pretty shitty really that they built up the business, won rave reviews for the food and are now left out in the cold while the owner coins it off their hard work. Such is business I suppose. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of the dishes. A lot of more sauce being used to bring flavour.

It’s still very nice and still probably the best in town, but it’s not at the level it was.


I’ve blacklisted it since I heard that news, she was a fantastic front of house girl and he was a super chef, friendly fella as well.
Khing Thai which is above the Glen Bar is a great spot for thai takeaway, better than Kaya.