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I’ve limited enough knowledge of boxing and I don’t have Sky Sports anymore so I’ve no access to most fights but I do enjoy the sport so starting this thread again - it might even entice Corleone back to the board.[/quote]

Corleone was out celebrating the Celtic result with us on Tuesday night. He said he’s not coming back to the board due to the fact I said last year that Munster play anti-rugby and he found it ridiculous and hurtful. I said well at least come on and debate it and he said he’d prefer not to engage with someone who obviously knows nothing about rugby. Then I fell over and got back up and started singing and the conversation moved on.

I’m off today and it showed a bit of her fight on the news at 1. Fair play to her she’s fairly battered everyone she’s come up against. As for the Sky TV thing; it is a shame really because as a kid I used to love watching the big time boxing on ITV on a Saturday night with Eubank, Benn, Watson and all those boys and Sportsnight on a Wednesday night on BBC2 would have random fights from Bethnal Green and York Hall or maybe even a Dave ‘Boy’ McCauley title fight from the King’s Hall in Belfast. Ah the memories! That Bernard Dunne fight on RTE was the first fight I’ve watched in a few years now. I know there’s been a plethora of big fights in the US lately but again I haven’t seen any of them.

… i suppose if i was being chased around with pitchforks and having my house burned to the ground and my wife and children being raped, i would develope fighting instincts

Damaen Kelly announced his retirement ther the other day. Listened to an interview with him on Newstalk last night and he came across very well - he’s been working part time and boxing professionally on top of that to try and make a living which sounds like tough work. He was a former world champion but never got much recognition down here (he’s from Belfast).

I know the name but cant recall ever watching him fight. Was he defo a World Champion? You never see him on those lists of Irish champions. Are you sure he wasnt European/Commonwealth champion etc? What weight did he fight at?

He was flyweight or bantamweight. His world belt was WBC at super flyweight (in between fly and bantam) which might be a fairly obscure weight.

2 warriors, and good men.

Fuxxake lads, quit changing the names of threads. Where’s the boxing thread?

Pacman in a little bit of trouble after 5 v the Brisbane PE teacher.

Big cut to Pac’s head! Accidental headbutt.

Claret spilling from both men. Pacquaio definitely behind on points after 7.

Huge round 9 from pac. Bell saves Horn.

We go to the judges. This could go either way. A 10-8 in the 9th for pac might just get him over the line.


One of Australia’s greatest ever sporting feats. Oh my word!

The Brisbane lion calls out Mayweather :laughing:

Not sure what fight the guy who gave it 117-111 was watching

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This is hilarious.

It’s an unofficial public holiday in QLD today.

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