Re: Calling Raven

Some say???
There was an offical apology issued by rovers on their website.

Apology to Simon Webb (Drogheda United FC)
21 Apr 2007.On behalf of the club’s membership and the entire Shamrock Rovers community, we wish to issue a public apology to Simon Webb for the heartless and highly personal verbal abuse he was subjected to from a tiny minority of the attendance at the Shamrock Rovers-Drogheda United game at Tolka Park on April 20. Those responsible should be ashamed of themselves and are certainly not welcome at Shamrock Rovers. An investigation into the incident has begun and those responsible will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.
Shamrock Rovers FC Board of Directors

lad in here just told me that webb’s wife died from cancer last year and this was the reason for the taunting - sickening if that’s the case

Christ, that’s disgusting. Surely their other fans should have told these filthbags to shut up in no uncertain terms.

One word for that and that is scum. Surely someone knows who they are and can point them out so they can be banned.

Why in God’s name is Scully having a go at Doolin over this incident. It reflects badly enough on Rovers without them trying to turn themselves into victims because people are “having a pop at the club.”

Pat Scully should take a look at himself. Fooking clown. They really are a shambles of a club.

Trying to score cheap points off an opposing manager after the abuse Webb was subjected to. Totally insensitive and lacking any kind of class. Clown.

Well I totally disagree with you. After the chairman and secretary quickly apologised his comments are really crass and very unfortunate.

First of all it was 2 or 3

Now its one.

Do you have any idea how many there were or are you going to keep spouting random amounts?

Rovers should get someone involved in the club to do some kind of PR course.