Re: Huns vs Celtic, Saturday 12.30pm

An absolute joke. Warned last year for blessing himself there and now he’s in trouble for waving a flag. From the BBC:

Police report Boruc flag-waving

Strathclyde Police will report Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc to football authorities following a flag-waving incident at Ibrox on Saturday.

The Pole ran across the pitch with a flag proclaiming Celtic as champions after their 2-0 defeat by Rangers.

Strathclyde Police stated: "We are aware of the Celtic goalkeeper’s actions at the end of the game.

“No criminal act has occurred, but we will be addressing the matter to Celtic and the Scottish Premier League.”

The Scottish FA will await referee Craig Thomson’s report before deciding if action is required.

Boruc received a procurator fiscal’s caution for breach of the peace as an alternative to prosecution after making gestures at Rangers fans at Ibrox in August.

And Dundee United fans last month complained that the goalkeeper made a gesture at half-time during their game against Celtic.

But Celtic manager Gordon Strachan, interviewed after Saturday’s game, dismissed the suggestion that that the latest incident had constituted a provocative gesture.

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Gestures at Rangers fans??? He blessed himself as he does every game.

At least he’s not fazed by all this crap. Unbelievable the way they keep it up though.

Has there been anymore talk of Bourc leaving at the end of the season? I read that Arsenal were after him. Is that just rumors?

No more talk of it Pagey - I think Lehman has signed or is about to sign a 1 year extension so that would change the situation with Arsenal anyway. He was weak on the first huns goal at the weekend (not as bad as Pressley though) and he was beaten by two free kicks in the last 2 games, he didn’t move for either. Just means that the media aren’t speculating about him leaving because he’s not playing that well at the moment.

He definitely wasn’t at fault for the free kick on Saturday though.

Just before the free kick is taken you can see him telling the wall to jump. 2 things:

  1. He shouldn’t be gesturing for them to jump - I’m sure Adam could see him do it.
  2. If he wants the wall to jump he has to be prepared to cover the shot under the wall.

He’s still a cracking keeper though and he doesn’t cost us in important games.

Saw the jump gesture but still don’t think it’s his fault. Caldwell didn’t bother jumping and it still went through his legs.

And what would you know about goalkeeping? I think I’ll ask Farmer who he thinks was to blame.

Depends where his near post was I suppose.

It was the one over on the far side because that’s the one he was nearer. Don’t you know anything?

Quality deluded post from hun message board:

Today, 11:48
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Default Re: Boruc - “Blesses himsefl at the start of every half”
It is quite clear that Boruc identifies us as being Protestant.
He goes out of his way to use a symbol of his religion (I won’t use faith here, it is too dignified a word), to insult us, much as a Muslim laying a prayer mat in his goalmouth and bowing to the east, might attempt to insult a Jewish crowd in Israel.

The entire act of crossing himself in the direction of the Rangers Support in such an aggressive manner, is to insult us and perhaps provoke a negative reaction.
That a Polish Catholic would have the ignorance to come to a country that is of a different religious culture, there to work and live, and then to abuse the indigenous natives with such aggressive disrespect, is a poor reflection on Poles and their religious and social upbringing in general, and of Boruc’s poor social grace in particular.

That the indigenous natives themselves have mostly chosen to ignore this and have reacted in a completely non violent manner, says a huge amount about the tolerance of the Scottish Protestant people.

Were you a Protestant to behave so in a Roman Catholic country, or a Jew in a Muslim country, I very much doubt that the reaction would have been so muted.

That this fact is so ignored by those of our Press and Public life tells us all we need to know about who controls many of the State levers in Scotland today.

I agree. Fair play to the hun support for acting in a mostly non-violent way! You actually couldn’t make this stuff up.

Did you see the huge banner at the game behind the goal the other day ‘Protestant and Proud’?

They are some bigoted clowns.

I think to be fair to the Rangers fans if Boruc was simply blessing himself it would be an outrage and it would be evil but after a suitable punishment from the police and the SFA it could be forgotten about. But as the huns have identified it was the “aggressive manner” in which he blessed himself that has upset everyone. This was no ordinary sign of the cross. Boruc is the antichrist.