Re: Liverpool-PSV

I think Liverpool and Munich will go through. Not sure about Valencia and wouldn’t back them. Also think Roma will ask questions of United. I think Ferguson some times gets found out tactically in Europe and the Roma system might just do that.

The attached spreadsheet might be a help in working out odds and returns. [file name=nIclI36F__calc.xls size=71680][/file]

my experience epl fans in ire are that the utd fans are absolute tossers. Not just sayin that cause im a liv supporter but they genuinely are pricks. u still didnt give a reason for not liking liverpool. Also im surprised with pieds opinion of the club given that he supported them when he was younger.

I’d go with that semi-final lineup but wouldn’t bet on it.

I don’t like any of the top clubs in England. It’s nothing particular against Liverpool but having an Orange Lodge at their ground doesn’t do anything to endear them to me.

So are you bhoys expecting 3 English sides in the last 4 following on from 3 English rugby clubs in the semis of the rugby too.

Alanis Morrissette might find this somewhat ironic given their national football and rugby teams are at their lowest ebbs in years.

To be fair to Piper I’d say he supported them until he was 7 or 8. I remember him being a Real Sociedad fan and they got hammered by Sampdoria in one game and slagging him about that. Piper liked Aldridge (they share a birthday) and he followed him, not clubs.

I do remember the lad being awfully upset when Aston Villa beat Tranmere on penalty kicks (?) in the league cup final (I think) one year.

no i have a sneaky suspicion that valencia will knock chelski out.

how are man city doin these days bandage? u still an avid follower?

rock that excel is read only. need a password to unprotect it, know anythin about that?

also odds on semi final line up are bout 7-1. if you choose roma and chelsea instead it improves to about 9-1 and if you choose roma and valencia you would get odds of about 15-1 with ppower.

Liverpool to win 2-0 tonight, kuyt and gerrard on the scoresheet. my other three to progress to semi’s would be milan, valencia and man u.

They’ve a very good defence. I was informed yesterday that Richard Dunne is the best defender in the EPL this season according to the OPTA stats which wouldn’t surprise me. Richards has been excellent and Distin is playing well (to get a good Bosman move). Other than Barton they’ve been worse than chronic from midfield upwards, only scoring 23 league goals in 30 games. Mpenza has come back from Quatar and scored 2 in 2 which is promising and his speed might be useful as there’s also a terrible lack of pace in the attacking third with the exception of Vassell who’s clearly not a footballer.

Other points to note, I absolutely detest Stuart Pearce and everything he says and does. What a c0ck. I don’t follow them avidly but keep up to date on the issues affecting the club.

You shouldn’t need to use a password for it Gerrardno1. It works by you keying in the stake, the odds, whether it’s anything special like a yankee or a patent - and if it’s a yankee or patent you can say which lines win so you can work out the odds on some results coming up but not others.

For normal doubles and trebles just key in the odds and the stake to see the returns.

they safe from the dreaded drop yet ye? wat about the link to strachan in the summer to replace pearce? i thought i heard that at the weekend. hoops fans woulnd fancy that would they?
prob a long shot anyway.

rocko, it is ‘read only’ at the moment so you have to click something so we can use it.

Really like the stuff in the Guardian’s daily tea-time email. Today on Liverpool:


Today’s word of the day is


  1. Wandering; roving, especially in search of adventure.
  2. Deviating from an appointed course; straying.
  3. Straying from the proper standards (as of truth or propriety).

It’s a particularly apt for today, not least because it affords the
jaded writers of tea-time football emails the opportunity to
tenuously link all three definitions to Liverpool football club’s
latest Big Cup escapades. The first could be used to describe their
fans assembled in Eindhoven for tonight’s quarter-final first leg,
the second a trademark Stevie MbE 60-yard one-two with a pitchside
advertising hoarding and the third Jamie Carragher’s antics at the
1998 Liverpool FC Christmas party.

But travelling Scousers need have no worries, because tonight Jamie is
unlikely to be found wandering around the PSV-Stadion pitch dressed
as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, cavorting with scantily clad ladies
and slathering his meat-and-two-veg with whipped cream. Such
behaviour would smack of complacency and according to today’s
Liverpool Echo, the defender and his team-mates are not about to
underestimate Ronald Koeman’s side, who were lucky not to lose by 15
or 16 goals to Arsenal in the previous round.

“I know a lot of people have been saying it was a good draw for us but
there is no way we’ll be complacent going into this. How could anyone
be complacent against a side that’s beaten Arsenal,” screeched
Carragher, suggesting that in light of events at Anfield last
Saturday, complacency won’t be a problem for Liverpool’s hosts
either. “In this competition over two matches there are surprises.
Arsenal know that and Liverpool will know that too,” said PSV manager
Koeman, who makes a valid point - a poor team playing negative
football has gone all the way in Big Cup as recently as 2005.

Can Liverpool grind another glorious 0-0 away draw in Europe? Find out
here ( )
with Mike Adamson from 7.30pm.

i really think that the only english side to progress will be liv. Utd and chelsea still have the epl/premiership to play for and therefore cannot rest any players between legs. utd continue to play with this 4-5-1 formation in europe that goes against their natural style of play and in my opinion doesnt really work. rooney hasnt scored a cl goal for 2 years and ronaldo is very inconsistent in europe. the only other people likely to score are scholes and giggs and if they play the above system doesnt allow them to get forward as much as they would like. I still dont know anythin about roma tho, so im hopin on other people here to give their opinion on whether they’re good enough to knock utd out.

Chelsea have been lacking creativity goin forward this year since they changed thier style of play to suit their 2 new signings. Valencia are stronger than most give them credit for and i just have a feeling that they are goin to knock chelsea out

Cracking save from Gomes - and the Bayern keeper (Rensing?) made a decent stop from a header almost simultaneously.

Would you believe I’m watching the cricket?

Hopefully, it’ll still be 0-0 when the Irish innings finishes.

What’s the latest on the cricket?

Shot from Gonzalez for Liverpook goes wide…

Houghton: “I tell you, he’s got a great shot on him the boy Gonzalez from what I’ve seen of him for eh Chile”

Does anyone really believe Houghton has seen Chile play in any game other than the Lansdowne Road game last season?

yeah thought that was quite strange also. Unless im mistaken, i dont think he’s even played for chile since as he had a fallout with the manager.

thought liv were quite average tonight against a very surprisingly poor psv. to quote pied’s cliches before he does, liv had good workrate, hustle and good organisation to get the job done away from home. nothin much to say on the game other than that. delighted with the result but a bit annoyed with the performance.

Didn’t pay that much attention to the game but 3-0 away from home is a cracking result.

Finnan put in two decent crosses for the goals, didn’t see Riise’s effort. Still think Liverpool are very dangerous when Crouch is up top.

Mascherano was excellent I thought and appears to be a terrific signing even at this early stage - Lippiesque almost!

Crouch took his header very well. I really hope to see him continue this rich vein of form.

Just on the RTE analysis - I thought Giles was superb again. Football isn’t about being easy on the eye, its about being effective. Playing the ball through midfield is effective and easy on the eye.

What’s Brady on about with his ‘Finnan didn’t get forward apart from the goal’ (I presume he meant Crouch’s goal). Who put in the cross for Gerrard?