Re: The Liverpool Thread

This is getting a bit out of hand. Lads how a bout we get away from the apparent Xenophobia element that has snuck into this thread. Any of the Liverpool fans have any thoughs on their prospects tonight. Who do you think should start up front?

Discussed in CL thread Flano. Kuyt on his own for me. Think we’ll come away with a good result but I’ll be uneasy for the two weeks. I’ll go with a draw, be it 0-0 or 1-1. If it’s not 0-0 an away goal is paramount.

I agree. Kuyt on his own would be my preferred choice, with the option of springing bellamy’s pace from the bench late on or stickin crouch on if needs be. I tink playing gerrard sissoko and alonso together in the middle with two wide men could give us control in the middle of the park. I’d be happy with 0-0 but would love to sneak an away goal.

This is nothing to do with catering for tastes - it’s about whether you would employ somebody or not based on the fact they’re not from Ireland (or Britainin your case). The fact that you’d consider Nigerians and Polish to be much of a muchness says it all.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Liverpool line up tonight as it’s really tough to strike the right balance between being too defensive and playing for a no score draw or being overambitious in going for the away goal and leaving themselves open for Ronaldinho and Messi to pick them off.

0-0 is obviously a cracking result away from home in a second leg if you already have a lead from the first leg; see Liverpool in Juventus a couple of years ago. But equally if you settle for a 0-0 away in a first leg you can get your ass bitten in the 2nd leg if the opposition score, see Liverpool/Benfica last season.

That’s why I’m satisfied with Celtic’s position. We all know it’ll be hard over in Milan but it only takes one Naka set piece to completely alter the course of the tie.

Read the English media before coming back from Glasgow and they are predicting a Liverpool team like this:

Arbeloa; Carragher; Agger; Riise;
Finnan; Alonso; Sissoko; Zenden;

It appears to be a little over-conservative imo but we’ll see.

Rocko - you are political correctness gone mad. I give up.

Re Liverpool game - I would be disgusted to see the team Bandage has quoted. Zenden and Finnan wide midfield. Crazy stuff. I would definitely play Crouch as well as Kuyt and attack them tonight for the away goals.

The Daily Mail reports : ‘Robbie Fowler will turn his back on the dollars being offered by the top clubs in Major League Soccer if Liverpool boss Robbie Fowler indicates he has a future at Anfield.’

It’s still a tough decision.

Not sure whether any of ye have seen this from the Celtic v Huns game yesterday.

[img width=500 height=351]

Nice touch

Interesting enough that. Still doesn’t create enough going forward for me. Having said that I’m a big fan of his. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s a modern day Denis Irwin.

I like Finnan and think he is a good player who has been harshly treated by Ireland on some occassions. However his form for us hasn’t been near the standard that Irwin gave. He is still a far better player than Carr though.