Re: United vs Milan

That’s exactly what he was doing Flano. Couldn’t wait to get his pearls of wisdom up on youtube.

Does anybody on the forum have the capabilities to actually capture the footage from RTE2 and put it on youtube?

From yesterday - not sure. It depends on what I kept on my pc. What are you looking for - the Hamilton quote?

As raven says, yeah that bit or future gems from the lads in the studio. You very rarely see the RTE coverage on youtube. As a matter of interest what do you use to capture it, Ive been searching for ages for the best hardware and software to do it?

I’ll check at home later but can’t remember what I’ve kept

2 ways of capturing that I use are:

  1. I have a DVD hard disk recorder. So that records whatever tv I’m watching through the dvd player and allows for “pausing live tv” and all that jazz. That automatically keeps the last 7 hours of tv on the hard disk which can be burned to a dvd and transferred to a pc. Obviously you can also opt to keep any segment of tv for longer and store it on the hard disk (80 GB I think) and burn it later if necessary.

  2. Secondly I also have an external tv tuner on my pc. I got one in Lidl a couple of years ago for 40 Euro and it’s made by Tevion. There are analogue tv tuners and digital tv tuners and you need to use the correct one depending on whether your tv signal is analogue or digital. Then just connect the tv tuner to the cable and connect it to your pc via USB (or most tv cards are physically inside the computer with a socket for the cable). Then you watch tv on the pc and you can record and edit and whatever pretty easily.

I don’t have a laptop and my pc is upstairs where there’s no tv cable so I have a wire coat hanger hanging out the back of my tv tuner on top of my pc. Picks up the 4 standard Irish channels perfectly.

There are plenty of programs for editing and converting saved video files into decent xvid/divx formats that are suitable for putting on the web. Can’t remember the names of which ones I use to be honest but they’re all freeware things.

I’ll look into a decent tv tuner card for you if ya want.

I got a tv tuner card from Peats about two years ago and it totally fooked up my laptop.It ate up memory like no tomorrow and actually capturing any video was impossible. Ive never had any luck with video editing in general.