Re: Weekend GAA Predictions

Bandage and other Wexford freekickers,

who are you hoping wins the Louth vs Wicklow replay?

I must admit db I had never seen Leitrim play in the flesh until the Tommy Murphy Cup Final last year. Myself, rocko, farmer and a famous TV personality from North County Dublin attended the double header along with Dublin-Mayo and farmer gave us an in-depth scouting report beforehand. He made us aware that Leitrim have the best full back line in the country. It was unfortunate that on the day things just didn’t appear to click for the lads back there with the Louth full forward line absolutely destroying them. That said I have every confidence they’ll be back to their water tight best in this year’s championship.

I’m more concerned, like Appendage mentioned on Sunday, that the winner will have two competitive games behind them rather than the actual outcome. That may sound arrogant for a county like us but I think we are a better side than either of these two, however I hope we’re sharp enough to put them away. We’ve been playing a lot of challenge games but it’s been the likes of Clare, Waterford and Carlow we’ve been playing. We beat Carlow 3-16 to 1-10 last week and we play our last challenge tonight against Offaly ahead of the game on Sunday week.

The disadvantage of coming into the game cold might be negated by the fact the winners of Louth/Wicklow will be playing for the 3rd Sunday in a row. Equally though Meath had beaten Louth last year before they played us and we decimated them. I’m also concerned about our injury list with a couple of key players still on the treatment table. Forde has a niggling ankle knock and sat out Kilanerin’s championship game the other week and our midfielder, Eric Bradley, has a recurring shoulder problem. If we can get everyone fit then we should dispose of either of them. If I had to pick then I think Wicklow possibly have the better individuals like Glynn, Walsh and the O’hAnnaidh brothers and have more scope for improvement but again, we should beat either.

They are comfortably the best full back line in the country. It’s unfortunate that on the big day they played like novices but I’ve no reason to doubt Farmer’s judgement.

If pushed i would think i would prefer to face Louth actually. I think if Wicklow were to overcome Louth they would gain a huge amount of confidence and they are already on the crest of a wave (Wicklow standards) with the whole micko effect. Agree with Bandage however, that Wexford will hopefully be well equipped to account for either or.

I wonder if any of tkf’s London based members will be heading along to Ruislip?!

FAO dancingbaby and farmer:

Scouting report on the London team:

‘From what I have heard on the training ground the London team is not as good as it could be. Unfortunatly the best players don’t always make themselves available for selection, apparently flying home every weekend to get the shi!t kicked out of them outside chippers in provincial towns, having lashings of beer followed by a late return back to Black and Tan land in time for work on a site at 5.30am on the Monday morning. London life is not all it’s cracked up to be and even though Leitrim are probably the worse team in Connacht (maybe Ireland?) they should beat us.’


Who is the source of this? What clichd rubbish

DB I will be in lovely Leitrim this weekend and wil therefore avail of the smashing coverage from John Lynch from Shannonside FM straight from Ruislip

I thought you’d changed them on him until I went back and read his original post. Didn’t read it thoroughly enough at the time but Limerick to beat Cork!

Other errors were forgivable.

Can’t believe none of the Leitrim supporters are going to the game. Shocking support.

Nice one Farmer. Enjoy it mate.

Eh where were your predictions Rock/Raven. I dont think you are in a position to criticise when you didnt forecast the outcomes yourselves.

I suggest a GAA tipping competition for the rest of the season. Teams to win and by how much. I believe I would wipe the floor with either of you.

Fine Baby, I’ll set it up this evening.

That wasn’t really a specific criticism of all your selections - I was just surprised when I read Raven’s post to see that you had tipped Limerick. As I said the other mistakes were forgivable but the Limerick win was a strange call and I’m surprised in retrospect that nobody picked you up on it.

Nobody picked me up on it because Cork vs Limerick have been fairly tight affairs in recent years apart from an almighty hammering Limerick gave Cork a few years back.

Easy to be wise after the event Rock !!

Looks like Bandage’s source may have been correct…

Exiles weakened for Leitrim clash
23 May 2007

Londons chances of recording their second ever win in the Connacht championship have been dealt a huge blow as the Exiles manager Noel Dunning has been forced to name a side minus a host of regulars.

Leitrim travel to Ruislip for Sundays match as huge favourites and the fact that London will be without so many regulars does little to boost the home sides chances.

Definitely out of the match are the experienced Senan Hehir, Sean Campbell and Francis Cleary and although Niall Clinton and Eamonn Brennan have been named in the side, it is not certain that they will start.

Londons one win in the campaign came 30 years ago against Sundays opposition, while the Connacht side had to rely on a last minute penalty ten years ago to ensure a win over the exiles.

London: B McBrearty; R Walsh, M Kennedy, S Boyle; P Morgan, P ODonoghue, C Beirne; D Meehan, K Waldron; N Clinton, E Brennan, C Donnellan; G Kane, P Hehir, D Kinneavey.