Real Madrid destroyed the fascists last night

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gola ,sid and the rest of the quislings must be sick

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the penny finally dropping the so called greatest team oif all time are shit

fc cheat are finished

Destroyed being the operative word, it was an annihilation, more mental than physical. The unconquerable Jose Mourinho has found a way around their cheating and without that, like we found out last night, Barcelona are nothing - nothing but shadows and dust (and fascism).

I also felt a lot of vindication for Ronaldo last night, as he has had to live in the shadows of Messi for a while now despite clearly being the better player, he hasn’t let it get to him though and he went out and won the La Liga title 2011/2012 last night. Well done Cristy. :clap:

whatever about the football you lads need to bone up on your history a tad

The team of Franco destroys fascists…really?


When you see a former history student display that kind of in depth knowledge of his subject, well you’d have to say it’s no surprise they’ve had to emigrate to Chumbawumba, Queensland…

Must be a wum sid nobodys that thick

I don’t ever recall TASE or NCC wumming on this forum.

A thick fucker he is so

I have come here to take my beating. I am distraught, we were simply destroyed on our own pitch. I congratulate the small but disciplined cohort of Real Madrid fans on this site.