Recession me hole

Any of ye ladies see the Brown Thomas catalogue in todays indo. 400 big ones for a belt. Mother of fuck

Thank fuck Guineys is opening soon in Kilkenny.

Rant over. You can delete topic now chief


the word recession is alien to me since I left Ireland a few years ago, I have so much money here I can’t spend it


Youd fuckin spend it quick enough in there i tell ya

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I live a simple life, the only expensive stuff I buy is food, I only buy the very best, proper diet and nutrition has changed my life in ways that I never though possible 5 years ago


from what I recall of the photos you put before maybe you might consider doing something about the laminate flooring in your bedsit?


Ah yea,

I live humble enough myself. I just had to laugh. On one particular page in the catalogue, the total price was over 4k for a pair of trousers , a belt, a pair of shoes a jacket, a scarf and a fuckin pocket square. I mean what the fuck is a pocket square? A glorified fucking hankey
Even if the numbers came up tonight, I couldnt justify it

And was there anything expensive in the catalogue, mate?


There hasn’t been a recession in this country for 2 years. The place is flying.

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Recession or not , it doesnt fucking justify laying out a bag of sand for a fucking anorak. Vulgarity at its worst

I agree with you there mike . just that the thread title was a little misleading.

I remember passing BT’s window in Dublin back around '07 / '08 and seeing a facecloth for 100 fucking lids. A facecloth. For wiping your face. €100. That was around the time I concluded that humankind was well and truly fucked.

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I bought two of them. It’s like washing your face with a slice of heaven. You just can’t put a price on happiness.


I think that was me.

Oh no, actually it was @Tassotti, come to think of it, now.

Money will always be around. Even in famine times Ireland had money but it was the big cats who had it. I think now 2016 we all have or should what we need

Fuck it
I might go to BTs for the afternoon. Might ring my local garda and see if he ll give me a lift

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Earlier this year I paid €1,000 for a jacket. Im not really into fashion so unless I lose it then it’ll do at least two years so that around €10 a week…that’s alright.



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Sorry, I lied. The price tag was €1,000 and I bargained them down to €900. Apologies for misleading youse.

Oh you “bargained” them alright. Good and proper.
To all involved, this is the funniest thread since this new foetus of a site was launched.

Ah yea but did you get a lift home off the guards?