Reckless Tackles/Challenges We All Love To See

You use this thread to highlight some good old fashioned illegal hits, in any sport…

The below example is mild enough but I just came across it there and forgot how much the ‘hard’ man Cantona shit himself when he saw it was Vinnie what done him.

Clint on Maher.

Ah this is great stuff.




Is that a racist joke about tip people?

I am not a UTD fan, but credit to Cantona for just walking away and letting the ref deal with it.

Ah here…Cantona was a flat track bully…look at his antics against lesser players… He looked, saw Vinnie, and did fuck all…


Not sure why there was no stretcher mind you

The Ipswich fucker’s challenge on the poor Judge lad from Brentford’s looked pretty horrific.

Double leg fracture for Judge I read today.

He got the ball. Nothing to see here.

Meathman Kevin Toner likes a tackle

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“Reckless tackle” may be stretching it a bit, but Duignan’s flake always brings a grin to my face. In this day and age Forde would probably get a yellow card for tapping the helmet.

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Ball was there to be gone for

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@dodgy_keeper in the Retiring GAA Players Thread.