Recommend me a bed mattress

My current Simmons double ortho mattress has decided to collpase in the middle. Warranty was for 5 years and its 7 years old. Thought i might get the decade out of it, but the middle of it is fucked.

Anyone on here who would like to share good mattresses they purchased? Looking for a medium firm double. Happy to pay any where between €800-1500. Not a fan of memory foam, would prefer pocket sprung.

Buy local is the secret, in case it needs to go back.

I remember doing a long post on mattresses once, but I can’t find it now…

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Will be buying local…NCW

Higher end ikea are good for money

Go and lie on them to see what you like firmness wise before you buy. Go into a Harvey Norman on a Monday morning and nobody there and do your thang

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Just dont go all Saltburn on it.

Your man in Dromkeen is great as well


My long post was mostly about Arramount Furniture on the Ennis Road.

I was well up to speed on mattresses at the time. All I can say is that they have a great selection. We bought one that had a problem and they took it back no problem at all.

I’d guess you’ll get what you pay for in mattresses.

I got an Emma one. Right job.

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+1. Absolute pleasure to deal with

I buy all my stuff from them, they do what they promise

Spend your money on your mattress and your shoes.

If you’re not in one, you’re in the other.


Delivered up to Portlaoise for free too.

Bought a bed off them. Savage value and much more reasonable compared to competitors

Having not seen the film, that quip is lost on me.

The best and by a long way the best.
Also local.

I have an excellent bed and mattress from them.

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Crown outside Charleville have a good range

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Went back to Owen O’Neill in Newcastlewest and got this King Coil 4x6 for €995. €400 cheaper than Harvey Norman. Service was good and we’ve never had an issue with beds bought from him before.
1200 pocket springs combined with breathable comfort foam top. Turn and rotate job for extended life. 10 year warranty.


Sounds like you’re an expert on mattresses now yourself. :+1:

Yerra, far from it. Nice to gauge the opinions of TFK posters though.

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