Replace a CMOS battery in a laptop

To all u tech heads out there(I’m a computer thicko). My Compaq presario v6065ea laptop keeps losing the date and time etc and takes ages to boot up.
I was told it could be the CMOS battery, where would I find that?
Is it in the compartment where the RAM cards are? I’ve tried searching for what type of battery to buy but can’t find a definite Serial number/type online so I’ll have to take a look at it myself.
From what I gather it should look like a watch battery, would that be correct?
Also would I be able to pick one up in Maplin and any ideas of price etc.
Shitty thread I know but I’m sick to death of browsing online at this stage…

As far as I know that should recharge itself. Do you only use the laptop for short periods and then turn it off? If so leave it on for a day or 2 and it should, hopefully, sort itself.

Its been fucked for ages but on the verge of a total failure at this stage. It used to recharge allright if I left it on for a few days but I’m afraid its gone beyond that too now.
If no one here knows anything I’ll bring the laptop in to maplin, surely some1 there would have a clue. Its a simple fix I know but I’m wary about unscrewing panels etc. etc

I wouldnt bank on anyone in Maplins knowing anything to be honest.

Did you see this
It looks fairly helpful.

Seen it allright, time to bite the bullet and get the old screwdriver out, should be easy to spot according to that, cheers anyway.