Republic of Ireland WNT - We're all part of Vera and Tony O'Donoghues Army

Signing in for the Girls in Green later today.


Uh oh

Katie McCabe was mugged off lads. Mugged fucking off. Damn Germans.

Vera out

The performance in Ukraine did for them . They are just being outclassed here

Its not good when your keeper is that pretty. Its just not gonna work.

2-1 ht all to play for.

A Steve Finnan-esque pelanty from Katie McCabe.

I hope Katie’s family are a bit more daycent

We are gonna win this fucking thing.

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You can Forget Georgia


A cod of a country.

Has Something Happened

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Katie McCabe is my hero.


I can’t wait to support the Girls in Green here at the World Cup next year.

Wait, are we not qualified for the fucking euros?!

Unfortunately not