Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Are you drunk?


So we’re all agreed that Maurice Fitz was the GOAT. Great stuff, lock the thread


Maurice Fitz, Canavan, or P Joyce from my own era in terms of lads that would have given me nightmares


I’m not sure why you need to analyse what I said in such detail.

Here us exactly what I said about Canavan.


You seem to be praising Canavan for what he said in response to the McCann controversy - that what he did was wrong but the reaction and double standards was hysterical and reeked of double standards. This is pretty much the same way any ex Tyrone player who was asked for comment dealt with that question.

So I fail to see what was so amazing about what he said. While the media were only to happy go put the boot in, ex Tyrone players were happy to relay the double standards and unfair coverage of the incident while noting it was unacceptable.


I said, highlighting the honest and openness of Canavan’s analysis, that he criticised McCann for his a ruins but also remarked on the proposed 8 week ban (by the GAA) not matching the crime.

I was comparing him to the other analyists in that he spoke his mind with complete honesty, as he does on all matters.

I can’t speak for the good people of Tyrone specifically but I know that most of the GAA following brethren I spoke to from all around the country held this belief as well.

Canavan was the only commentator to express it the aftermath of the incident.

You’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here with your usual attempts to muddy the waters after you’ve been exposed as a biased buffer using hard statistics and facts.


Ricey knows


And as I’m saying for the 4th time, what Canavan said is no different to what the likes of Ricey, Jordan or McGuigan said at that time. They all said what McCann did was unacceptable but the hysteria and proposed ban were very wrong considering what has gone on before.





There’s just three examples of ex Tyrone players coming out and saying McCann was wrong but the subsequent hysteria unmerited. Mickey Harte was the first to acknowledge McCann did wrong in the aftermath of the game.

So for you to continue pedalling an untruth than Canavan was the only one to speak in those terms is wholly inaccurate.


I’ve no idea why you’re saying this for the fourth time. I said it the first time.

Canavan has always displayed an open honesty when it comes to his analysis. He’ll even back it up with specific examples as he did in the case with Cooper.

Jordan did similar and even Ryan McMenamin has now come out and given examples of the greatness of Cooper.

You’re trying to divert the debate towards media coverage now, a normal tactic for you when you’ve been beaten around the place.


The fact you seem to think that platitudes handed out to a retiring player is the be all and end all says much.

You try to overemphasise Canavan’s words. You use the specific example that his take on McCann shows this but I’ve shown that was the common line coming from ex Tyrone players at the time.

Does that in turn validate what McGuigan had to say previously about Cooper?


Dude, a platitude by definition is : a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.

To make it easier for you to understand this would is everyone coming out and saying that a player that committed a horrendous tackle or misdemeanor was ‘not that type of player’ or if

Canavan, Jordan and McMenamin have all given different examples of the influence, prowess and mastery that Cooper graced the field with. They haven’t alluded to anything moral or repeated fawning words that have been heard repeatedly over the last few days.

You’re trying to steer the debate into a vague discussion about media coverage which is your ‘go to’ tactic when you’ve been found out in an argument.


And they have done it in the context he has retired. What do you expect them to do? Hyperbole generally goes hand in hand with a retiring player. What do you expect them to do, come out and slate him? Political answers are common place between players. He was a great player, one of the best is common bunkum. You place too much emphasis on it.


Indeed. @Big_Mick_McCarthy made a good post on this the other day too. Just because he’s* an honest and forthright pundit generally, he’s hardly going to come on The Last Word and say “well Matt - I’d firstly like to say that I’m the greatest player ever and Cooper wasn’t as good as me.”

*Canavan, not Big Mick.


You’re still not reading what I’m writing.

They’re referring to specific examples of why Cooper was one of the best are not just come out with hyperbole and platitudes, two elements of the English language you seem to misunderstand. They’ve put reason behind what they’re saying and thought about it deeply enough to express this, and back it up, in public.

@Bandage I rate Canavan as the best I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t have expected him to have come out and say that he was. The basis of my argument through this thread has been to pour scorn on the ridiculous nature of the @Nembo_Kid nonsense about Cooper not performing on the big stage or only doing it against certain teams.

The statistics show that he performed better that any other player over that period of tie, whatever way you want to compare his achievements or performance he comes out on top.

If I was picking my all time starting 15 the first name in the full forward line would be Canavan and the second would be Cooper. The final position could be any of about 7/8 players but they wouldn’t dislodge either of the Cooper or Canavan.


No sir you are! Drunk on kerry yerra nonsense!


You could cherry-pick specific examples to show anything. The common narrative when some retires or dies is to focus on their good.


What was Cooper’s greatest performance? When did he deliver when the chips were down?


Wonder did they ask philly macmahon to pen something…


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